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There is nothing so heartbreaking as witnessing a loved one’s descent into alcohol or drug addiction. Watching a life, which once held so much promise, crash and burn is a tragedy for them as well as for their loved ones. As is often stated, addiction is a family disease. The disruption to the family dynamic and finances, as well as the constant stress caused by the addict’s behaviors and choices while in the grip of this disease, leaves families feeling desperate and alone. Often, in an effort to help the addict, families become codependent, enabling the addicted family member and leading to even more dysfunction.

Eventually, the family comes to realize that they have no control over the addict’s behaviors and realize drastic measures must be taken to save them.

Because the addict is often unaware of the destruction caused by their substance use struggles, they are unable or unwilling to acknowledge the damage their behavior is doing to themselves or their loved ones. Understanding the psychological elements of denial is key in identifying the grip it has on the person struggling with substance abuse.

Breaking through denial and/or unresolved fear is often the first step to saving an addict’s life.  Denial is a core symptom of addiction and co-dependence, and often requires an intervention with those that care about the addicted individual.

Often an addicted individual will justify their abuse and the trail of destruction it leaves by blaming, reasoning, minimizing, or avoiding the truth.  Most addicts are terrified of giving up their drug of choice and are very resistant to getting treatment for the addiction. It is not uncommon for family members to have tried and failed multiple times to convince their loved one to get help for their drug or alcohol problem. An expertly guided intervention managed by a talented interventionist can actually motivate the person to want to seek help.

The Intervention


A heart-to-heart conversation with someone suffering from a substance abuse disorder often requires a more focused and unified approach to result in them agreeing to get the help they need.  Interventions can be rather confrontational, in that family members gather together as a show of support and strength as they tell their addicted loved one they will no longer enable the addiction.



Interventions can be emotionally charged and difficult, but Sober Escorts, Inc. has over a decade of experience in designing and guiding effective interventions that result in the addict agreeing to get treatment for their drug or alcohol addiction.

There are many professional models of Intervention, both direct and indirect, such as:

  • Crisis Intervention
  • Tough Love
  • The Confrontational Method of Intervention
  • The Johnson Model of Intervention
  • The Love First Approach to Intervention
  • The Systematic Family Model of Intervention
  • Arise Intervention

While the experts at Sober Escorts, Inc. are well-versed on the various theories, philosophies, and modalities of each type of intervention, our primary focus is to design a custom intervention that is tailored to the specific needs and traits of the client, rather than following a prescribed template.  We design and conduct each intervention in a manner that will safely get the client to detox and/or treatment with the least amount of harm to their self-esteem.  The reason is simple:  addiction treatment may just save the client’s life.

How can an Intervention Specialist Help?

drug and alcohol intervention

Each client’s situation is unique and calls for a professional assessment as to the client’s history of substance abuse and/or addiction, their level of denial, their family dynamic, available resources, and much more.  Interventions can be effective with alcohol abuse, prescription drug abuse, street drug abuse, and other addictions.  Sober Escorts, Inc.’s interventionists are experienced in planning and adapting accordingly in the highly stressful and sensitive situations.

Our interventionists understand first-hand that committing to an intervention to get help with an addiction can be a highly uncertain and frightening process for all involved.  By the time an interventions occurs the individual is typically deep in the addiction, so the stakes are high. There is often a sense of urgency to save the addict’s life by this point.

Because our interventionists are so effective in motivating the person suffering from the substance use disorder to get clean, our success rate getting them to accept addiction treatment is high.


Advice to Families Considering Intervention

An intervention is a family event. It is a highly emotional and unpredictable process, taking everyone participating out of their comfort zone. The Sober Escorts, Inc. interventionist will guide the family before the actual meeting with their loved one. This is the pre-intervention work that must first be done. The interventionist will interview family members to get a clear picture of the family dynamic, including identifying enabling behaviors. They will be advised to stick to the proposed plan, to trust the interventionist, and to adhere to the suggested boundaries. Entrenched enabling habits in the family towards the addict make this sometimes challenging, but it is best to allow the interventionist to proceed without disruption.

Our interventionists are highly experienced in planning and conducting interventions in a sensitive manner that takes everyone safely through the uncertainty of the process to the other side: recovery, healing, and a new beginning. Getting the addict to detox and/or an addiction treatment facility is half the battle of getting help for a drug or alcohol addiction.

Please allow us to coach you before you confront your loved one or associate about a possible intervention. Confronting an individual, without professional guidance, about a planned intervention while they are still active in their drug or alcohol addiction can sometimes do more harm than good.  If you have a loved one or associate in need of a professional intervention, please contact us for a confidential, no-cost intervention assessment.  We are here to help your loved one reach a full recovery from addiction.

Sober Escorts, Inc. operates worldwide, with services available in most metropolitan centers, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Paris, and many more.

Please contact us toll-free at our hotline for drug and alcohol addiction help: 877.218.3800.


“The truth that makes men free is for the most part the truth which men prefer not to hear.”

-Herbert Sebastian Agar

“Not being known doesn’t stop the truth from being true.”

-Richard Bach

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“My experience is that addiction and/or trauma treatment can be a life changing experience – if you get there. To get to or from treatment safely, for myself or for a loved one, there isn’t anyone that I would trust more than Sober Escorts.”
Shawn, Client, Seattle, Washington
“I was no novice when it came to chemical dependency treatment. When I admitted this last time I felt that it was just an effort in futility. On the way to the treatment center my sober escort gave me the encouragement and the hope I needed. Now that I’ve been discharged, Sober Escorts is still a part of my support network. I’ve called several times. They have always made themselves available. I don’t always hear what I’d like to but I do hear what I need to. They do care and I am truly grateful for them.”
Debbie, Client, Rancho Palisverdes, CA
“If it weren’t for Sober Escorts (Rick) I definitely would not have made it to treatment safely. When I arrived at the airport Rick was there on time and waiting. The ride was great. Good music and laid back atmosphere. Rick is an easy person to get along with so conversation was good. Since Rick is in the program it took the edge off the ride and allowed me to not stress out as much. My experience was a good one with Sober Escorts and I would choose them again.”
Sarah, Client, Nashville, TN