Professional Addiction Recovery & Co-Occurring Mental Health Services

Sober Escorts, Inc. provides important services that assist the individual in early recovery to prevent relapse. Our full range of services are available worldwide.  Call us 8am to 11pm (Eastern Time) for a confidential consultation at: (877) 218-3800.

We provide a full range of custom-tailored pre- and post-addiction treatment services to individuals seeking to achieve long-term sobriety. Because relapse deeply impacts family, friends, and colleagues, our services to help their loved one remain successful in recovery also support their interests.

The team at Sober Escorts, Inc. has devoted their lives help others recover from addiction.

Each of our sober escorts, sober companions, sober coaches, interventionists, case managers and core support team has met rigorous standards including professional real-world experience and a thorough background check.

They are also in recovery and will conduct themselves with the highest ethical standards. Every team member is insured and bonded. They are trustworthy, experienced, professional, dependable, and caring individuals who are well travelled, well read, and grateful to share their wellness habits, experience, strength and hope with you or your loved one.

Ensuring Successful Addiction Recovery

When an individual makes the decision to get clean and sober, to transform their lives, it has not come easy to them. It is an agonizing decision-making process to actively choose to give up their drug of choice and submit themselves to the difficult journey towards sobriety.

But without putting in place a sound plan for relapse prevention, all of the effort to get sober could be wasted if relapse occurs.

For this reason, Sober Escorts, Inc. has a menu of services that will buttress the treatment plan and solidify aftercare, diminishing the chance of relapse significantly. Our services include:

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Treatment Transit Services

Sober Escorts, Inc. provides safe and reliable sober transit services to and from rehab in any location in the world. Our team is devoted to you or your loved one achieving long-term sobriety and are available 24/7 to transport the client from anywhere in the world to their addiction treatment facility.

Our sober escort services deliver clients to detox, we take them from detox to the primary treatment facility, and we transport the client from the treatment facility to their home or sober living residence. We drive clients from home to and from their AA meetings or to outpatient services, including doctor’s appointments and therapy.

During treatment, Sober Escorts, Inc. is available to safely transport the client from treatment to a court appearance, a funeral, a child’s graduation, a wedding—any important life event that they don’t want to miss, but need a sober escort to accompany them, and then back to the treatment facility. Read More…

Each client has unique needs. To discuss yours, please contact us directly to discuss your loved one’s specific situation.

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Sober Companion Services

Sometimes a client needs more attention than just sober transportation. In this event, a sober companion is an excellent option for sustaining sobriety. A sober companion actually resides at the client’s home 24/7 through the period of a contract—a week, a month, six months, whatever is deemed necessary.

All of our sober escorts, companions, and coaches are in recovery themselves, with an average of 12 years sobriety among them. Because of this, our team is acutely aware of the behaviors and comments that signal an impending relapse and can intervene, preventing relapse.

We take great care to match our clients with sober escorts, sober companions and sober coaches who share interests with them and are compatible. Our sober companions accompany the client throughout the days, guiding them towards developing new, healthy habits which encourage continued sobriety and solidify their recovery. Read More…

Please contact us to discuss your specific situation confidentially via phone or e-mail.

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Recovery Coaching

Our sober coaches provide services that fall in between the sober transport and sober companion services. A sober coach sets up a schedule with the client to maximize supervision, but allowing for client freedom as well. Sober coaching may be as little as a few hours per day, a few days per week, or even up to eight hours per day, five days a week.

Like sober companions, our sober coaches also encourage the development of healthy habits, relationships, and continuing with 12-step meetings to help solidify sobriety. Our sober coaches, again because they know what to look for, can spot probable triggers and prevent relapses by proactively addressing them. A sober coach can be incredibly important to the efforts of long-term sobriety, as they guide the client through a vulnerable period in recovery. Read More…

To retain a Recovery Coach right for you, your loved one or client, please contact us to confidentially discuss your specific situation.

Since 2004 Sober Escorts, Inc. has provided full-service, professional intervention services. Because our interventionists understand personally how addiction causes broken relationships and distrust among those closest to the addict, they know just how to effectively manage an intervention. It is a delicate process, so to achieve a successful intervention it is imperative to have an interventionist who is adept at reading the addict’s gestures and comments correctly, asking the right questions, and timing each step properly.

Our experts understand the fear and uncertainty of entering treatment, so the interventionist will treat the client respectfully. Sober Escorts, Inc. has associations with quality addiction treatment centers around the world. When the client agrees to go in to a treatment facility, Sober Escorts, Inc. is able to direct them to a quality treatment center in their area, and then safely transport them to it.
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Certified Case Management

Our years of experience providing services in addiction recovery and treatment have shown us that many clients greatly benefit from having dedicated Case Manager.

An experienced single point of contact who coordinates services on a client’s behalf between addiction treatment centers, sober living facilities, therapists, coaches, doctors, lawyers, court systems, hospitals, pharmacies, transportation companies, and other professionals, facilities and service providers, helps a client stay successfully in recovery. Our expert case managers place emphasis on the unique needs of the client, crafting an individual plan that will best serve the client.

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Segue is a highly individualized and structured 2 or more week action plan designed to assist you in your recovery as you move from residential treatment to home. Our Companions offer direct one to one Support, Engagement, Guidance, Understanding, and Empathy during a time when you need it most.

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Treatment Assessment Sober Escorts, Inc. employs educated and highly qualified addiction treatment professionals to assess the client, and then match the client with the right treatment facility for them. Our staff is degreed, licensed and certified with many years of practical experience in the recovery field. They carefully assess each client carefully in order to place the client effectively for the most successful outcome.

After the initial assessment, we will offer the client what has been determined to be the three ‘best fits’ for treatment programs. Once the client selects the treatment facility of their choice, Sober Escorts, Inc. will transport them safely to detox and/or treatment.

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Why Choose Us?

We believe that everybody deserves the best shot we can give them at this thing called recovery. The problem is that most people who have this disease of addiction cannot do it by themselves. Most of what needs to be done is very simple — but it is not easy. Every every person that I’ve ever taken to treatment, myself included — our self esteem was in the toilet – and improving self esteem is a BIG key in the recovery process. Building or rebuilding building self esteem is actually very simple. You do so by doing esteem-able things. it doesn’t matter how big or how small they are initially. It’s just about consistently trying to do the next right thing. Saying what you mean and meaning what you say. So our mission then is to help client’s do the next right thing for themselves and those they love….until they can do it for themselves. We work to work ourselves right out of a job. We say what we mean and mean what we say: “We Care — We’ve Been There.”

– Rick Parrish, Founder & President, SEI

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“The Refuge has been working with Sober Escorts since they transported their first client successfully to treatment. We have come to rely on the exceptional service and professionalism they provide for our clients by transports to and from treatment, Interventions, case management services for our alumni and sober companions. Sober Escorts has shown love, compassion and integrity in their interactions with clients, staff and families. They have shown through the quality of their work that they not only care but are as invested in our clients’ success as we are.”

Isabel Graham, Program Director for The Refuge-A Healing Place
“I couldn’t be more pleased with the sober companions work with our son. He is truly a blessing to my son, his sobriety, and me. In the seven years that he has struggled with his addiction since the traumatic and sudden death of his dad, we have never experienced a professional who has so deeply and profoundly cared about his success. For this, as well as the sober companion’s technical competencies and intuitive sense of who my son is and his needs, I am deeply grateful. He has been spot on in every instance. Please pass my comments on to the Sober Companion). Being in the service industry myself, I know feedback is always appreciated!”
Client's Mother
“I have had the opportunity of working with Sober Escorts, Inc. in many capacities over the past 8 years, and I have been consistently impressed at the level of professionalism, compassion, and care that they bring to this industry. No matter what the job entails, I know that clients and families in their care will be met with unwavering dedication their wellbeing. I have personally witnessed both Rick and Jamie go above and beyond for their clients, operating always with the highest level of integrity. There is no company that I would trust more to work with a client, or a loved one, during such a critical and overwhelming time in their life.”
Laura Haskell, Director of Marketing, The Delray Recovery Center
“Thank you so much for everything. Your company is wonderful and our son’s Sober Companion was absolutely amazing! My son thought he was awesome. He helped make a very difficult situation better than we thought possible!”
Ciient's Mother
“My Sober Coach helped me develop social skills, build confidence in myself, and set and achieve personal goals. He challenged me in ways that helped me grow as a person and helped me move towards independence and self sufficiency. I continue to apply the skills he taught me in my life today, and as a result, I continue to move forward in life as a productive member of society.”

Relapse Prevention

At Sober Escorts, Inc. we are experts at detecting the signs and signals of impending relapse. No one can claim to predict when a relapse will happen, not the client and not the service provider. However, because most of the team is in the program they can recognize the common triggers in their client and intervene:

  • HALT: Hunger, Anger, Loneliness, Tiredness
  • Taking recovery for granted, not working the program
  • Depression
  • Self-pity
  • Being overly confident
  • Feelings of frustration
  • Living as a “dry drunk”
  • Expectations are unrealistic

Sober Escorts, Inc. team members are hyper-vigilant in assessing a client’s behaviors for signs of relapse triggers.

Our sober escort, sober companion, and sober coaching services compliment the aftercare provided by the primary addiction treatment provider by insuring that the client is not left to their own devices when supervision is clearly indicated.   Recovery from addiction is a dynamic and ongoing process, and the services offered by Sober Escorts, Inc. provide a tertiary strategy for the client to maintain sobriety.


Sober Escorts, Inc. is a fee-for-service company, normally a flat per day/week/month, or year fee, plus expenses. Our rates are very reasonable and affordable, and based on asking ourselves what we could afford if we needed to help a loved one of our own. We work with each client to ensure that expenses are kept as reasonable as possible, and are tailored to each client’s needs.

Each service is based on what works, and has evolved as real-world results dictate our best practices.  In addition, though we categorize our services in an effort to efficiently deliver them, each client’s unique situation will determine the services we recommend, how they are delivered, and by whom.

Please contact us toll-free at our hotline for drug and alcohol addiction help: 877.218.3800. The free and confidential consultation will hopefully be the beginning of a new and sober life.

Sober Escorts, Inc. operates worldwide, with services available in most metropolitan centers, including New York, Los Angeles, Miami, Chicago, San Francisco, London, Paris, Dubai, and many more.

                                                                                                  “We Care – We’ve Been There”