Following is just a sampling of the many kind words and testimonials we have received. If you would like to speak directly with one of our former clients or a professional reference, please call us toll free at 877-218-3800.

“My experience is that addiction and/or trauma treatment can be a life changing experience – if you get there. To get to or from treatment safely, for myself or for a loved one, there isn’t anyone that I would trust more than Sober Escorts.” 

- Shawn, Client, Seattle, Washington

“I can't say enough about Sober Escorts and the service that they provide. I was one of their more difficult assignments. I don't know if I would have made it to treatment without Rick's support. He not only located me in a bar, he talked me out of there (had to pay my tab too) and dealt with my irate wife at the same time. When he says he cares because he's been there, he means it.”

- Chris, Client, Hong Kong

“I was no novice when it came to chemical dependency treatment. When I admitted this last time I felt that it was just an effort in futility. On the way to the treatment center my sober escort gave me the encouragement and the hope I needed. Now that I've been discharged, Sober Escorts is still a part of my support network. I've called several times. They have always made themselves available. I don't always hear what I'd like to but I do hear what I need to. They do care and I am truly grateful for them.”

- Debbie, Client, Rancho Palisverdes, CA

“If it weren't for Sober Escorts (Rick) I definitely would not have made it to treatment safely. When I arrived at the airport Rick was there on time and waiting. The ride was great. Good music and laid back atmosphere. Rick is an easy person to get along with so conversation was good. Since Rick is in the program it took the edge off the ride and allowed me to not stress out as much. My experience was a good one with Sober Escorts and I would choose them again.”

- Sarah, Client, Nashville, TN



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